Our History

Our History

A VIP Specialist is how Castle Creek Limousine Services would characterize the level of service we provide. San Diego Town Car Service treats all of our guests with the same VIP treatment. In this business, one has to wear a lot of different hats and in this regard, we THRIVE!!! We love to be a tour guide when the situation dictates it. Other times, we just listen to people’s problems or difficult situations that they find themselves in. Instinctively, San Diego Town Car Service tries to be empathetic and relate to them on a personal level. Many times we find ourselves being a sleep therapist as the ride is so smooth that the guests literally fall asleep only to awaken as they arrive at their destination! This is the ULTIMATE compliment to me if they are able to let themselves go to sleep due in large part to their confidence that we are very trustworthy and dependable chauffeurs!!! I am a smooth owner/operator with over 20 years of experience behind the wheel. We know when to shut up and drive or provide great insight and direction when called upon. We put our guests at ease and always provide excellent customer service. We love meeting people and enjoy going places!! You might say that Castle Creek Limo is customer driven...or is it the other way around?

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It all started back in 1995 when I went to work for Crown City Cab Company over on the island of Coronado. Working in and out of the major hotels, the Le Meridian (later purchased by Marriott) as it was called then, (the grand Dame) Hotel Del Coronado and of course the Lowe's Resort Coronado, I noticed a peculiar event happening before my eyes: the emergence of a shuttle company that quite often swooped in and picked up groups of hotel guests. The shuttle company was Cloud 9 Shuttle. After watching this happen for quite a while it became apparent to me that things were changing and I needed to change with the times. That's the old adage come in to play “if you can't beat them, join ‘em”. In June of 1997, I went to work for Cloud 9 Shuttle. It was a fairly new company in San Diego operating under the brand of Super Shuttle but it was different because these were rolling billboards and they had a great marketing system. More than anything else, they really had the business and they didn't just have the business on the island as we used to say but they did business all over San Diego County and they were taking no prisoners!! The company grew exponentially over the next few years and as the operations expanded so did the different types of service. Expansion included sedans, limos and coaches. Things were really changing in the industry by the early 2000s as far as the company went. Cloud 9 actually pioneered the concept of owner-operator or Franchisee. This was a dramatic shift away from company drivers. I'm proud to say back in 2002 I was given the opportunity to become the first owner-operator for Cloud 9 Classic as the sedan service was called. This was a very important milestone in my career as I had the realization that if you don’t take risks in business, you don’t get the rewards!! The Sedan Service consisted of limos and sedans. I got pretty comfortable behind the wheel driving the Sedan Service in the limos. I worked hard and improved my service level. I also took a lot of notes about our clients. This included their likes and dislikes, preferred routes, characteristics and inclinations. All of this was stored in my Blackberry and I consulted and added to this personal information in order to raise my service level. This once again was a very important lesson in business - information and preparation equated to higher revenue and bigger tips. By 2007, Cloud 9 Shuttle was repatriated back into the Super Shuttle fold and Cloud 9 Classic became ExecuCar. We were still owner-operators but the marketing didn't really seem to be where it should be. Another impediment was the inability of management to bring ALL operators into conformity from a service perspective. There was stiff competition from some very well-capitalized companies in San Diego as well and I knew that we had to step up our game if we were going to compete in the highly competitive marketplace of transportation services in San Diego. By 2015, I could tell the industry was once again changing and there was the emergence of Transportation Network companies, Uber and Lyft, which were accessed through applications on smartphones. This put people together for ride services helping to get people from place to place. It became apparent to me that ExecuCar didnt have what it took to be competitive in the marketplace and they were not agile enough to see this new emerging Transportation Network company paradigm shift. Watching the sales numbers and revenues on a yearly basis, I came to the decision by 2016 that I needed to go completely independent. Owning my own company and coming up with a brand new company was the first task. All the while I worked to build my own roster of clients. This was fairly easy to do since I had a good database of contacts which I always kept with my trusty BlackBerry. I realized first and foremost that I had to get out there and I had to market my company and my service in a different way. With this in mind, I went through a quantum leap with a digital marketing campaign. Victor Newman from PixelWebz Corporation became my digital marketing guru and I owe a ton of gratitude to him and his team. He advised me what would happen if I worked with him and he has been true to his words in ALL aspects of our endeavor! I began to refine and crystallize my idea of what I needed to do as a company digitally through a website and finally came up with Castle Creek Limo.com. More than anything else I realized that I was not able to grow by myself so I worked diligently to build an affiliate network of owner-operators that I could depend on to pass on surplus business. These affiliates all need to have the same service standards that I do. Providing excellent customer service to our guests is the most important aspect of any business. Not all people share the same vision and I have had to make tough decisions knowing full well that this is my company and doing right by your guests is PARAMOUNT to success.

Frequently Asked Questions

San Diego town car services is currently operating in the state of California. We serve a number of areas in Southern California, such as Oceanside, Escondido, Carlsbad, Vista, San Marcos, Encinitas, Poway, Solana Beach, Del Mar, Temecula and Los Angeles Airport and all points between. We hope to expand it to other areas and states as well.
The procedure to book your ride is very easy. All you have to do is call the number provided at the website or fill out our reservation form and our customer car representative will contact you. Let us know the date, time and venue details and our chauffeured limousine will arrive before the scheduled time to make sure that there are no delays. Online booking can be done through the website, but honestly we prefer the personal touch of a phone call.
San Diego town car services is active and open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We have a dedicated workforce that covers both day and night shifts alternately, so that quality is always maintained.
Drivers here at San Diego town car services are all experienced and certified for their matchless driving skills. When you enjoy the limo ride, you will forget you are on the road because it will be so smooth and comfortable. Our professional limo chauffeurs are our best asset.
Currently, we have the latest premium models like Lincoln Town Car Signature Limited, Mks, SUVs, etc. that have smart features inside like free Wi-Fi, charging ports and SiriusXM radio . From sedans to large SUVs, San Diego town car services has an available vehicle to meet your needs.
We understand that you care about your personal information and details. The payment and booking information that you provide to us is kept fully confidential and secure at all times. Only your driver has your information.
We accept cash, cheques and credit cards, PayPal, Utilizing Square Reader.
San Diego town car services give a complete breakdown of the service charge to the customers and makes sure that there are no hidden charges. We respect customer rights and never have we exploited any. An electronic bill is emailed to the customer and a paper bill is also generated for hard copy record.
Your total fare includes the time from when the limo leaves the garage to when it checks out at your destination. In between, if you stop anywhere or if you arrive late then all of the time will be charged. The time where car has to wait and not move, that is charged at comparatively lower rates. San Diego limo service will never charge their customers unfairly.
All our customers that have travelled with us for more than 3 times will be given a loyalty status and every time they travel, after that points will be added. Those points can be availed in form of discounts and rate cut downs.

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